Buy a construction company in Israel

How to buy G5 construction company in Israel

Doron Yaniv is the biggest broker in Israel for buying big construction companies .

We specialize in the construction industry in Israel.

We have a list of exclusively companies that are for sell.

We are in direct contact with over 15,000 construction companies, construction engineers in Israel.

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Selling construction companies with the highest construction building license is our expertise.

You can learn about potential acquisition opportunities of big construction companies for sale.

It is very important to consult with our legal advisors to ensure that the acquisition process is in compliance with Israeli laws and regulations.

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Call the experts in connecting between buyers and sellers of construction companies in Israel.

The demand for buying construction companies with license to build unlimited projects is very high, and the number of companies that are for sale is very small,

The Ministry of Housing is responsible for granting licenses for construction companies in Israel.

The company's license determines what size of project the company is authorized to carry out.

The companies are divided into classifications from G1 to G5.

A company with a G5 classification can carry out projects of unlimited scope.

The construction companies are exclusively with us and therefore cannot be found anywhere else!

When buying a registered construction company, you must be accompanied by an experienced lawyer who has carried out dozens of share transfers in the Constructors Registry in The Ministry of Housing. Your lawyer who accompanies you on a regular basis can help you in drafting the commercial agreement, but when working with the Registrar of Contractors, he may mislead you and cause you damage.

Doron Yaniv was born on 1955 in Tel-Aviv, and he is also an economist and certified accountant with 30 years of experience, and can help you find the company you want and help you plan the deal.